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Clinically proven

Clients who complete HALEO’s program for chronic insomnia experience clinically significant improvement of their symptoms
“I sleep better and longer, my energy is back“
Marie-Claude Michaud
Product Manager, Desjardins
“Before HALEO, I would give my sleep a score of 3.5 out of 10. Now, I would give it a solid 8 out of 10.“
Olivier Beaudoin-Poulin
Customer service agent, Desjardins

HALEO is led by clinical experts in sleep

All of our programs are designed and supervised by sleep experts with years of clinical experience. Our current team includes more than 30 registered therapists, including psychologists, social workers, and psychotherapists. Here are our clinical leaders:

Philippe Stenstrom

Ph.D., Graduate of the Center for Advanced Research in Sleep Medicine, Post-Doc at Harvard Medical School's Center for Sleep and Cognition

Régine Denesle

Psychotherapist, Founder and Director, Insomnia Clinic, CEAMS Sacré-Coeur Hospital, Montréal

Cherie La Rocque

Ph.D., Psychologist,
Clinical Lead Insomnia Clinic

Taís Araújo

Ph.D., Psychologist,
Clinical Lead Insomnia Clinic


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Customized sleep program and unlimited access to your sleep coach by chat
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Videoconference every week with your therapist to treat chronic insomnia
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