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We know sleep

Our solution, built on our extensive expertise, helps improve the quality of life and productivity of teams in organizations. We provide one-on-one access to licensed therapists, and get sustainable results. 

By drawing on our deep knowledge and experience in this field, we can help people sleep better and feel better overall.

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Values that drive us



We aim to provide the best sleep care and support to our clients.



We seek first to understand,
and then to be understood.



We strive to make our solution easy to access, inclusive and affordable.



We are solution-oriented optimists with the courage to take calculated risks.

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HALEO at a glance

A better way to get back to healthy sleep

At HALEO, we believe that quality sleep is a fundamental component of optimal health and productivity, and our programs are designed to help individuals develop healthy sleep habits and overcome sleep-related challenges.

By promoting healthy sleep, we aim to create a more energized, focused, and engaged workforce that can thrive both personally and professionally.


A dream is born

HALEO is the first North American provider of virtual sleep programs designed to help people go back to sound sleep.


First virtual CBT-I protocol

Our cognitive-behavioral therapy for insomnia is being administered for the first time through virtual meetings with sleep experts.


First corporate client

One of the largest Canadian financial institutions offers HALEO sleep programs to its 57,000 employees.


Experts and programs shine

HALEO presents clinical outcomes at SLEEP 2019, the premier world forum for the presentation and discussion of the latest developments in clinical sleep medicine and sleep and circadian science.

A unique solution for sleep optimization

HALEO creates a sleep optimization protocol for the general public; those with mild symptoms of insomnia or who simply wish to optimize their sleep.


Personalized protocol for atypical schedules

HALEO creates customized protocol for first responders, including addressing sleep problems from unconventional schedules and providing support for managing shift work.


Personalized protocol for nightmares

HALEO is creating a second personalized protocol for first responders to address nightmares. This protocol is now available for all individuals who participate in our programs.


Solution now available in the United States

HALEO offers sleep programs to any North American organization promoting the healthy sleep habits, well-being, and productivity of their workforce.


Partnership with Green Shield Canada

Green Shield Canada is one of the country’s largest health benefits carriers and a leader in healthcare innovation. Employers can now add HALEO as a benefit via their Green Shield Canada account.

Groundbreaking research at SLEEP 2022

HALEO presents the results of a study on the effectiveness of Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for Insomnia adapted for shift workers, which showed significant reduction in insomnia, anxiety, and depressive symptoms.

$5.2 million in seed-extension financing

HALEO secures a CAD $5.2 million financing round to accelerate business growth across the United States and Canada.

Pioneering research effort in sleep optimization

HALEO discloses clinical results for its sleep optimization program for the first time at the 2023 National Canadian Sleep Society Conference.

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We are HALEO

We believe
Our diversity is also our power

We value diversity and inclusion in remote work.

We live in a supportive and empowering virtual environment that celebrates unique perspectives and enables everyone to reach their full potential.

We strive to create a culture that is respectful, supportive, and empowering, where everyone feels valued, heard, and encouraged to contribute.

By prioritizing diversity and inclusion in everything we do, we have created a workplace that is more innovative, creative, and productive, while also reflecting the diverse world we live in.

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To help people sleep better,
we need amazing people

Studies show that candidates from underrepresented backgrounds do not apply for job openings if they do not meet all the criteria. We strongly encourage you to apply if a position interests you.