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Imagine if everyone in the workplace were well rested. You and your coworkers would be energized, more productive, and less anxious. In addition, conflicts in the workplace would potentially be reduced since individuals would be able to cope better with stress.

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Our HALEO program

Our solution is built on extensive expertise and helps improve the quality of life and productivity of teams in organizations. We provide one-on-one virtual access to licensed therapists. 


Tailored to your needs

We offer tailored sleep programs to address a variety of sleep-related challenges, including, but not limited to, occasional and chronic insomnia, nightmare disorder, insomnia related to shift work, etc. 

Only 5 weeks

Our programs are five weeks but many people experience improvements in sleep in as little as three weeks, resulting in increased focus, motivation, performance at work, and potentially higher earnings. 

Benefits for everyone

The benefits for your employer are endless. This includes reduced costs and risks related to productivity losses, disability leave, medication and safety. On top of that, good sleepers are absent less often and require fewer replacement hours.