HALEO welcomes Julien Heon as Vice-President of Growth & Customer Success

February 8, 2021

Julien Heon has joined HALEO as Vice President, Growth and Customer Success. Julien will lead HALEO’s business development initiatives, manage our customer success and marketing teams, and oversee strategic partnerships.

Julien has over 15 years’ experience in global marketing, direct sales leadership and strategic partnership management, and has held global and national roles with fast-growing healthcare and technology organizations. He also holds an MBA from Queen’s University. At HALEO, Julien will build programs that greatly increase access to our sleep services, whether it’s direct with employers or through partnerships with insurers, intermediaries and educational institutions.

When speaking with clients, partners and colleague, Julien speaks clearly about what drove his decision to join the company: “I believe that HALEO brings a solution to a growing and important need. Sleep is the underdog of mental health and is a crucial part of the spiral of symptoms individuals experience when developing depression and anxiety. The team behind HALEO’s treatment protocols is comprised of some of the most knowledgeable and experienced clinicians in the world of sleep, and the clinical results speak for themselves. I am extremely excited to lead the acceleration of HALEO’s growth”.  

Bradley Smith, HALEO’s CEO is thrilled to see Julien join the cause.  “Julien is a great addition to our leadership team, and our clients and partners are going to love working with him.  He brings passion, drive and a wealth of experience putting into place sustainable programs that drive growth and deliver great results.”

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