HALEO unveils new website and updated brand image

Published on: June 6, 2023 | Reading time: 🕐 3m

Montreal, QC, June 6, 2023 – HALEO, a virtual clinic specializing in sleep care, has created a new website and updated its brand image. The redesign of its digital platforms was essential for the fast-growing company, which offers cutting-edge solutions to organizations in order to alleviate the impact of sleep difficulties in the workplace.

Concurrent with the redesign of the cliniquehaleo.com website, carried out in collaboration with the Globalia agency, the Quebec-based company modernized its brand image following an exhaustive study of its clients’ needs. This initiative marks a turning point for HALEO, which is now revolutionizing the way it offers solutions to organizations, making them more accessible, efficient and consistent.
“The digital transformation of our solutions has only just begun, and modernizing our website and brand is a key part of our ambitious growth plan. It aligns with our goal to increase service accessibility,” says Julien Heon, Vice-President, Growth and Customer Success, at HALEO. 
HALEO enables employers to achieve their organizational objectives for staff recruitment and retention as well as disability, absenteeism and accident risk management thanks to tailor-made, clinically validated solutions to maximize the sleep quality of staff. “The redesign of our brand is based on in-depth repositioning efforts. This evolution allows us to communicate in an empathetic manner while preserving HALEO’s credibility and seriousness. This project is the result of the teamwork of several specialists from our different departments,” explains Karina Pepin, Marketing Director, at HALEO. 
A clear, simple digital experience

HALEO has developed its brand image by reviewing its colour palette and typography as well as the user experience and interface of its entire website and all of its digital platforms. The aim was to make its services more accessible to people who are often tired and looking for simple solutions to help them get back to healthy sleep. Globalia, for its part, played a key role in developing the web platform, including the architecture, website design and performance metrics.
HALEO is delighted with this new stage in its evolution. It will enable the company to offer its clients an enriching experience focused on their needs. This digital platform is an important step toward improving its services and demonstrates its commitment to excellence.

About Globalia

Globalia is a technology firm specializing in advanced web development, CRM software implementation, inbound marketing, sales automation and e-commerce. A driving force for innovation and performance, Globalia is the ideal partner for stimulating business growth. 

Founded in 2015, HALEO is a virtual sleep clinic whose mission is to provide access to quality care based on clinically proven solutions for those experiencing insomnia or other sleep disorders. 

Its clinical experts provide personalized professional treatments supported by clinical research and accessible via a mobile application. The services offered range from sleep screening to the management of sleep disorders and have helped improve the health and performance of thousands of people across North America by helping them overcome their sleep problems.  

For more information: Media@haleoclinic.com

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