HALEO launches a trial of its new self-guided program

Published on: November 16, 2021 | Reading time: 🕐 3m

HALEO is currently offering eligible individuals the chance to participate in the pre-launch of its Self-Guided Sleep Therapy program, free of charge! 

The goal of this program is to help insomnia sufferers significantly improve their sleep within 5 weeks.  As this is a brand-new program, we are “piloting” it (i.e., testing it out) with a small sample of clients who meet eligibility criteria. Please note that the pilot is only available in English.

During the Sleep Therapy program, you will:  
👉 Explore factors that impact your sleep    
👉 Access a wide range of sleep-related content  
👉 Track your sleep patterns daily and your progress across the program  
👉 Follow a personalized sleep window (bedtime and wake time) to consolidate your   sleep   
👉 Work to improve the quality of your sleep  
👉 Use various strategies to calm your mind and body before bedtime and challenge sleep-interfering thoughts  

For HALEO to assess your eligibility, please do the two following tasks:  

Click here to consult the new pilot program

If you are selected and you complete the 35 days program,
HALEO will email you a $100 Amazon gift card in return for your time.
In addition to meeting eligibility criteria, other requirements for the pilot are:
👉 You must have a smartphone or tablet (from 2016 or later) and a stable WiFi connection.  
👉 You must be able to commit to the program for the next 6 weeks (program’s duration is 35 days, plus a week for onboarding). 
👉 We ask that you not download the HALEO application found on the Apple Store or Google Play Store, the self-guided pilot is in beta mode and cannot be found there.  
👉 To participate, you may be required to provide or create a different email address.  

 What we’ll expected from your participation in the pilot:  
👉 Engage with the Sleep Therapy app daily, for 5 weeks. The daily time commitment ranges from 5-15 minutes. 
👉 Complete a daily sleep diary, a log of your sleep patterns that takes 1-2 minutes to complete. Completing your daily sleep diary moves you forward in the program. 
👉 Consult daily messages from the app’s “digital assistant”. The digital assistant is not a human and your information will not be reviewed by a therapist. 
👉 Review sleep-related content and practice sleep-promoting strategies, including adopting a personalized sleep window (bedtime and rise time) that is based on your sleep diary data. 
👉 Provide feedback throughout the program.  
👉 Complete a final assessment on Day 35 of the program. 

⚠️ Please note that not everyone who completes these steps will be selected to proceed with the pilot. If you are deemed eligible and are selected for the pilot, you’ll receive an invitation from HALEO to download the beta application. 

💻 Following the completion of the program, a member from our product development team may reach out to you to learn more about your experience and feedback.   

➡️ To learn more about insomnia and why cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia is the best treatment for it, check out this article. What Is Chronic Insomnia? 

✍️ Please note that this pilot opportunity is not part of HALEO Clinic’s usual offerings. Therefore, our clinic coordinators are not equipped to answer questions about the program or pilot. If you have questions, please email selfguided@haleoclinic.com.

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