HALEO Clinic announces the signing of a multi-year contract with the Student Life Services of the University of Montreal

November 16, 2021

Montreal, November 16th 2021- HALEO Clinic, a center of clinical expertise in virtual sleep care, announced today that it has been awarded a three-year contract from the Student Life Services of the University of Montreal to provide care to the 45,000 students of the university. Specifically, the agreement complements a comprehensive range of services already offered to the student community through Student Life Services, and more precisely, through the Psychological Health and Consultation Center. This agreement includes free access to innovative sleep treatment programs offered by the HALEO Clinic.

Students may feel anxious about wanting to perform in their academic studies, and clinical studies show an increased prevalence of sleep disturbances and sleep medication usage,especially among 18-25 year old. The Student Life Services of the University of Montreal carried out a joint study with the Federation of Student Associations of the University of Montreal Campus, which uncovered that sleep disorders are one of the key factors that can affect student’s mental health. The study results,combined with HALEO’s highly successful pilot project, were the key drivers leading to the new agreement.

According to Virginie Allard-Cameus, Director of the Health and Psychological Consultation Center,adding support via a virtual clinic is an important asset in a rapidly evolving pandemic reality, while quality sleep is essential to student success. “We are convinced that the solutions offered by HALEO will help improve the health of students and promote their academic success,” she adds.

“We are very proud of this partnership, which is an integral part of our mission to increase access to specialized care for sleep disorders. The University of Montreal's Student LifeServices is a leader in terms of the quality of services, support and care offered to students. This is a partner of choice and we salute their leadership, "Julien Heon, Vice President of Customer Growth and Success at HALEO.


Founded in 2015, HALEO is a virtual sleep care clinic whose mission is to provide access to professional and clinically proven solutions for people with insomnia or other sleep disorders. 

HALEO's clinical platform provides sleep health assessments, using clinically validated questionnaires,as well as accessible and personalized care delivered by healthcare professionals via a mobile app. The clinic helps improve the health and performance of thousands of Canadians by helping them overcome their sleep problems.

About Student Life Services

Student Life Services accompanyand support the student community throughout their studies. To achieve its mission,it ensures, in partnership with the faculties and other units of the University of Montreal, that optimal conditions are created for the student success, in terms of their studies and their personal, social, economic and professional development.

When students need support or advice, they are encouraged to contact Student Life Services, a unit offering 23 services. The Psychological Consultation of the Health and Psychological Consultation Center is part of this essential service offering that responds to the needs of the student community.

For further information: media@haleoclinic.com

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