HALEO Clinic announces a new initiative for small and medium businesses to help with the rising incidence of insomnia amongst Canadians.

February 22, 2021

Montreal, QC, February 21st 2021 - HALEO Clinic announces a new initiative for small and medium businesses to help with the rising incidence of insomnia amongst Canadians.

HALEO offers a telemedicine solution designed as a per member per month subscription model to large size Canadian organizations. The virtual solution helps mitigate insomnia and significantly reduces its economic burden on organizations. Studies are showing that the prevalence of sleep difficulties has increased by 40%, and that now 50% of the Canadian population experience symptoms of insomnia. Insomnia is also known to aggravate existing mental health problems which are also more prevalent with the pandemic.

HALEO’s clinical data shows that in organizations with the program in place, up to 30% of employees have use the toolbox provided as part of the program, with up to 5% of the workforce using the clinic’s flagship treatment, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy for insomnia (CBT-i), delivered virtually through HALEO’s proprietary mobile app videoconferencing solution.

In order to contribute to the reduction of mental health issues related to insomnia and in response to growing demand generated by the pandemic and employers seeking virtual mental health solutions, HALEO has adapted its business model to now serve small and medium businesses, making the subscription model available to smaller organizations and designing a special product for firms with 10 to 250 employees. The program is easy to implement, and organizations can see an uptake from their members using the clinic within days of launching the solution.

“The recent studies are concerning and showing a growing need for practical solutions to better support employees with poor sleep at all levels within organizations. Imagine over half of your meeting room not being physically or mentally present due to bad sleep. A very high proportion of employees are starting their workday without feeling rested which is impacting their performance at work as well as their personal lives. We have a proven and efficient solution delivered via secure videoconferencing which is making it more accessible regardless of where employees are located”, said DrMarie-Helene Favreau, HALEO’s Medical Director and head of its Clinical AdvisoryBoard.  

“We’ve been getting increasing demand from small and mid-size firms looking to offer a high impact solution that would boost their employee wellness and support mental health programs. A solution that can be deployed within days and generate positive results within weeks while being delivered virtually. Our solution is addressing this demand by providing employers with a5x+ return on investment and helping employees to gain better sleep quality”,said Julien Heon, Vice President of Growth and Customer Success at HALEO.

HALEO's game changing programs are now offered to all Canadian firms, as a stand-alone solution, or as a complement to existing EmployeeAssistance Programs (EAP’s) and telemedicine solutions.

For more information: Julien Heon, Vice-President, HALEO, julien.heon@haleo.ca.

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