Benefits Canada interview Maude Bouchard

Published on: February 2, 2021 | Reading time: 🕐 1m

Why is sleep critical to your workplace mental health and safety strategy?

Answer from Maude Bouchard, Ph.D., Director of Research and Development at HALEO.

Sleep is the underdog of the workplace. Often tossed aside, it is nonetheless one of the most powerful tools to protect mental health and support employees’ performance and safety.

Sleep deprivation is costly for everyone. Sleep disorders increase the risk of developing mood disorders, such as anxiety and depression and are associated with high rates of absenteeism and presenteeism at work. Epidemiological studies estimate that at least 40% of the population experience symptoms of insomnia. Meanwhile, the employer bears the cost burden: the direct and indirect costs associated with sleep deprivation in Canada total over $21 billion annually.

Physiological processes during sleep help potentiate attention and memory, better manage stressful situation and emotions, boost your immune system, and maintain better muscle reaction time. Prioritizing sleep hygiene therefore means mentally and physically healthier individuals, that show up for work, have more efficient work days, fewer accidents, and overall enhanced long-term performance.

Accessing effective care for sleep problems is a major obstacle for employees. HALEO’s national virtual care solution addresses this by providing access to licensed healthcare professionals with expertise in treating sleep disorders and optimizing sleep. Offered to employers on a subscription model, HALEO can be used as a standalone solution, or complementary to an Employee Assistance Program or telemedicine solution.

With mental illness and burnout increasing in all levels of the workforce amidst the current pandemic, helping your employees sleep better is your best insurance policy. Whether it’s treating a clinically significant sleep disorder or improving sleep hygiene, HALEO can help.

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