Joannie Boulanger - Testimonial

Published on: May 19, 2022 | Reading time: 🕐 1m

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Industry: First Responders

"As I explain to my friends, I rotate schedules, days, evenings and nights, and over the years came sleep problems. What therapy has done for me is to develop good habits, and it's also a conditioning program that has given me reference points to help with my sleep. Thanks to the methods taught, I'm able to have a more restful sleep, and I think it's going to save me from having to take medication in the long term. It's a bit like therapy when you're not doing well, you have to make the necessary efforts, and if you do it well, then you'll see changes. You have to do it at a time in your life when you can get involved in the therapy to get the best results"

- Joannie

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