Daniel Chalifoux - Testimonial

Published on: March 27, 2023 | Reading time: 🕐 2m

HALEO Experience

Job title: Detective Sergeant

Industry: First Responders

"My experience with HALEO has been most productive and refreshing.
I had been struggling with my sleep for over five years. I’d wake up often, couldn’t get back to sleep, and be preoccupied with thoughts while awake. In short, I’d have a hard time at night! Unlike my police officer colleagues working on the beat, my job as an investigator involves irregular hours where anything can happen! Calls at all hours and long shifts (18-20 hours, sometimes more) are common.
Melatonin wasn’t working, so I started taking prescription and over-the-counter sleeping pills, but it wasn’t the solution I wanted for my sleep problem. 
When my organization mentioned HALEO, it was a great opportunity for me to find a solution to my problems!!
What HALEO taught me is to no longer see my sleep period as a new ordeal that I have to face every night. The solutions provided by the therapy sessions have made it possible for me to enjoy my sleep routine!
Gradually, what I learned made me come to grips with the sleep period. I learned that the bed is for sleeping, nothing else. The exercise of getting out of bed to go relax in another room made me change my whole dynamic about the ordeal of sleep. The bed became my friend again! It was hard to believe at first, but it works!
The waking periods have become increasingly shorter and I fall back asleep almost every time now. If I can’t fall back asleep, the tips I learned still work, which was unthinkable before.

I recommend HALEO to everyone!!!"

- Daniel

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