HALEO Clinic concludes major partnership with Optima, More than two million Canadian workers will now have access to an innovative program to improve their sleep

October 1, 2020


MONTREAL, Oct. 1, 2020 /CNW Telbec/ - HALEO Online Sleep Clinic and Optima Global Health announce today an important partnership that will make clinically proven insomnia solutions and other sleep disorders accessible to millions of workers, thereby significantly improving their quality of life.

This announcement occurs in the context of the current and unprecedented health crisis that is generating more stress and anxiety around the world, with major repercussions on sleep quality.

More than 40% of Canadians are struggling with sleep disorders

Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, many physicians and researchers have noticed a significant increase in the frequency and severity of sleep disorders, directly related to the exceptional circumstances we are facing.

With a pace of life that has undeniably changed, and with the introduction of teleworking as a new norm, many people can feel overwhelmed by events and find it increasingly difficult, for example, to make a distinction between their workspace and life at home. This has a considerable impact on their mental health, quality of life and work performance. The drop in productivity, the significant increase in the risk of burnout, disability leave or the risk of accidents and errors is ubiquitous. The implications are major and could persist over time given the expected impacts of the COVID-19 second wave.

An innovative program available to support millions of workers

HALEO's clinical sleep experts are unanimous: insufficient sleep (short and poor quality) is associated with a range of adverse mental and physical health effects including cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, obesity, and depression. More than ever, effective treatment for insomnia should be a key component of the strategy to mitigate a second crisis, linked to mental health.

"Over the past few months, we have collectively faced anxiety-provoking and stressful situations that have had a direct impact on the quality of sleep for many Canadians. In order to make a real difference and reach as many people as possible, we approached Optima Global Health, one of the largest Employee Assistance Program (EAP) providers in Canada. We are very pleased to make a concrete contribution to preserving and improving the health of Canadians through sleep, an important component of a healthy lifestyle that is too often neglected when it should be considered as a public health concern." said Bradley Smith, President and CEO of HALEO.

Optima Global Health, a pioneer in the integrated approach to health and wellness in the workplace, is committed to offering innovative programs and services that enable companies to improve the health of their employees and their organization. "It is important for Optima Global Health, especially considering the current context, to enable access to scientifically proven solutions to accompany and help people who may suffer from insomnia or sleep disorders. HALEO's offer is a perfect complement to the range of services already offered through our EAP. We are therefore very confident that the two million employees who will have access will benefit in a concrete way." said Martin Binette, Chief Operating Officer of Optima Global Health.

Founded in 2015, HALEO is an online sleep clinic whose mission is to provide access to quality care based on scientifically proven solutions for those suffering from insomnia or other sleep disorders. Its clinical experts provide personalized professional treatments supported by clinical research and accessible via a mobile application.  The services offered, ranging from screening to the management of sleep disorders, help improve the health and performance of thousands of people across Canada by helping them overcome their sleep problems.  

About Optima Global Health
Founded in 1993, Optima Global Health is known for its flagship integrated workplace health and wellness approach. Our innovative programs and services help companies reduce their absenteeism-related costs and improve the health of their employees and their organization.

Through our specialization in prevention, intervention and postvention, we help workers in all fields maintain or recover their health, both physical and psychological.

Our integrated expertise helps us act efficiently at all levels: awareness and training, employee assistance program (EAP), manager support, disability management, disability support, early intervention, rehabilitation, healthy lifestyle habit integration, etc.

From coast to coast, Optima Global Health closely monitors the physical and psychological health of close to 2,000,000 Canadian employees.


For further information: Julien Heon, Vice President, HALEO, julien.heon@haleo.ca

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